by Lojo Russo

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written on the eve of the 2016 presidential election. I've often said, "Deciding who to vote for based on political ads and mailings is like learning history from the movies."


© Lojo Russo Nov 7, 2016

glossy postcards in my mailbox
propaganda telling me to choose
between the issues and the lies, a target right between the eyes
each one more and more insistent who should win and who will lose
hash tag…vote responsibly

glossy postcards in my mailbox
try to persuade me to their side
“vote” my conscience. “vote” my gender. “vote” for things that don’t engender
lots of confidence in the candidates for this presidential ride
hash tag…vote responsibly

fancy theories and false convictions
emanating from each line
extolling failings without contrition
designed only to negate the other side
supposition and innuendo
obfuscation and subterfuge
filled with conjecture and speculation
designed only to condemn and confuse
the only right way to decide is understand
and analyze each point of view

glossy postcards in my mailbox
lots of pictures so I don’t have to read
showing figures, stating facts, providing poll numbers and stats
that may or may not be the truth or relevant to my beliefs
hash tag…vote responsibly

glossy postcards in my mailbox
shiny paper to turn our head
but when you read between the lines
and look past all the pretty smiles
you might finally find the substance
and the truth of what’s been said
hash tag…vote responsibly


released November 8, 2016
Thanks to Dave Dipple for the idea.



all rights reserved


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Music that moves from sweet folk to roots rock without missing a beat. Lojo's music is sometimes outrageous, sometimes intense and always original.

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